8 Exercise That Will Burn Inner Thigh Fat

Though a person cannot spot reduce fat they are able to reduce fat in targeted areas. These exercises with a healthy diet will help tone your legs and overall fat loss.

Gate Swings-Stand with your hands behind your back and lift your right leg. Swing the right leg across your body and then sweep it out to the right without letting your foot touch the ground. Do this 10 times and then change to the left leg.
Side Lunge Sweep-Stand with your hands on your hips, both feet together and then take a wide step to the right side. Bend your left knee, push your hips behind you and the lower body into a lunge. Stand back up by pushing through your left heel and swing your left leg forward without touching the floor.
Sumo Squat Slide In-stand with feet together with the toes pointing out almost 45 degrees. Take a wide step to the right, bending your knees and keeping your back straight squat down until your finger tips touch the ground. Do this 20 times for each leg.
Chair Pose Close-stand with your feet together and get into a squat position. Keeping the squat position push out your left leg wide with toes pointed and then lift the leg and swing it to your front. Repeat this 10 times and then change to the right leg.
Side Shuffle Switch-stand with your feet together and shuffle quickly to the right with three steps right, left, right then lift your knee. Repeat to the left and do this 20 times as fast as you can.
Attitude to Side Extension-stand on your right leg with knees slightly bent and hands on your hips. Lift your leg with knee bent across the body and then open your leg out to the side of the body. Repeat 15 times.

Weighted Inner-Thigh Lift-lie on your right side with elbow bent. Place your left foot on the right leg knee and lift the right leg off the floor. Lift slowly higher and return to hovering position. Repeat 15 times and do left leg.
Low Lunge with Isometric Adduction-with feet together steps forward into a deep lunge with the right knee in line with the right shoulder. Place your hands on the floor and hold for 10 seconds then stand back up. Repeat using left side which is one set. Repeat for 3 sets.