How to wash your face and say goodbye to sagging facial skin and wrinkles

All women nowadays want to achieve a good look. The quality of our skin depends on how healthy or unhealthy our lifestyle is, as well as the pollution, the stress etc. That’s the main reason why many people have problems with blackheads, clogged pores, wrinkles, acne, etc.

Usually, women do anything they can so that they can treat this kind of problem. They start buying all sorts of products which promise to help, but they don’t. Some of them are often very expensive and are filled with chemicals that destroy our skin. The skin on our face is extremely delicate. Here, we’re going to offer you an amazing remedy that will help you treat all kind of skin problems without causing any side-effects.

The 2 main ingredients it includes are coconut oil and baking soda. They are very beneficial and are full of anti-inflammatory and antiseptic properties that will help you use this preparation as a daily lotion.

Baking soda is usually found in a powdered form. It is a crystalline compound which can help us treat acne by improving the quality of our skin. It can also whiten our teeth and be used as a deodorant. It balances our pH because of its amphoteric properties.

Coconut oil is abundant in nutrients that are really amazing for our skin. It makes our skin hydrated and very clean.
Here’s the recipe:

  • 1 tablespoon of baking soda
  • 2 tablespoons of coconut oil

Take a small bowl and put the ingredients there. Stir them very well. Create a paste that you’ll apply on your skin with circular movements. It should stay on your face for 10 minutes. Rinse it off using lukewarm water. The coconut oil will moisturize your skin very deeply, so you won’t need any moisturizing cream.

The ingredients are easily available. They are natural and very cheap. You won’t damage your skin. The results will amaze you!