Effective Natural Remedy to Remove Fat from the Blood Vessels and Normalize the Blood Pressure

High –fat food can be quite delicious but unfortunately this type of food causes fat accumulation in the blood.

Some people suffer from fat accumulation in the blood due to some inherited health conditions.

Moreover, high fat levels may occur due to certain medical conditions as stress, alcoholism, kidney and liver disease, hypothyroidism and diabetes. Some people may suffer from this condition because they take certain drugs as blood pressure medicines, steroids and birth control pills.
Patients with high lipid level in the blood should lose weight, they need to be physically active and consume food with less fat. Also smokers should give up this unhealthy habit.

This is a well-known Russian natural recipe which will help in removing fat and dangerous substances from the blood. Also it will improve the blood circulation and reduce fat, stabilize the blood pressure and improve blood flow.


  • Four unpeeled lemons
  • Four garlic cloves
  • Three liters of boiled water


First clean the garlic and then cut the lemons into slices. Put them all in previously boiled water. Place the covered mixture in the fridge for 3 days. You can start using it after 3 days but keep it in the fridge all the time.

How and When to Consume It:

Before each meal, drink 5 Oz (about 50 ml) of this mixture every day. That is the recommended dose.
Consume smaller dose (1 teaspoon) if you use it only for blood vessel cleaning. Then slowly increase the dose. Use this recipe once a year for 40 days.